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Search Instructions...
The Ohio Vital Statistics Search allows you to search the marriage and divorce records for Ohio from as far back as ( for divorces).
Instructions for searching the individual records currently maintained by the system can be found below:

Step 1 - Enter Bride's/Groom's Name :
To begin a search, enter the bride or groom's last name in the fields
provided. Either either the bride's last name, the groom's last name
or both. When searching for marriages, either the groom's last name
or bride's last name is required. When searching for divorces the
groom's last name is required.

Step 2 - Choose to Search Marriages or Divorces:
Once your search criteria is entered, you must now indicate
whether you wish to search marriages, divorces, or both by
simply checking the boxes labeled"Marriages" and "Divorces".
Once you're satisfied with your search criteria, click the
"Search" button. To set all the fields back to their default
states, click the "Reset" button.

The Results:
After a successful search is conducted, you will be presented with a
screen that looks similar to the one to the right. The results are
organized in two sections, "Marriages" which appear first, and
"Divorces". You can quickly jump to either of these sections by clicking
on the corresponding "jump link" near the top of the results page. The
marriages include information such as the Bride's and Groom's names,
age at the time of the marriage, residence at the time of the marriage,
previous marriages, as well as information regarding the marriage
itself. The Divorces sections details personal information on each the
husband and the wife. It also contains information regarding the
divorce, such as the county in which it was granted, when it was
granted, to whom it was granted, and the reason. It also details such
information as the length of the marriage and number of minor
children the couple had while married.

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Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...

Q. What, if any, fields are required when conducting a search?
A. When searching marriages, either the Groom's last name or the Bride's last name is required. When searching for divorces, only the Groom's last
name is required, but, in both search types, it is recommended that you provide as much information as possible to reduce the number of initial, matches.

Q. I tried to search for a marriage/divorce using the Bride and Groom's full names but could not find it. I know the marriage exists, why can't I find it?
A. As with any large database, minor discrepancies between the data on hand and the actual information may exist. Since the search relies on exact
matches, even a missing period (.) is enough to prevent the marriage/divorce record you're searching for from being located. If you conduct a specific
search and don't find the record you're looking for, try the search again with less information (i.e. drop the Bride's and/or Groom's first name).

Q. I searched for my marriage that occurred just last month but I couldn't find it. Why not?
A. Since such a large number of marriages and divorces occur each year in Ohio and we acquire our data from a third party after they take the time to
compile it, we are only able to update our records once a year with the previous year's information. So, in 2005, we added the information pertaining to
the marriages and divorces that occurred in 2004. This means our records are effectively one year behind actual occurrances.