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Search Instructions...
The HA Courts web site provides you the ability to search the records of many Ohio Courts ( to date) and is intended to be used as a tool to aid
the Courts of Ohio. A search of all records can be conducted on this system in three simple steps, the details of which can be found below:
Step 1 - Choose Geographical Region:
The first step to searching the HA Courts database is to
select the geographical region in which the court(s) you
wish to search resides. To select all regions, simply leave
all the boxes checked and continue to step 2. To exclude
a region, or multiple regions, uncheck the boxes that
correspond with the regions you don't want to include
with your search. In the example to the right, the search
will only include those courts in regions 1 and 3. For
more information on regions see the search FAQ.

Step 2 - Choose Court Types to Search:
The next step is to choose which court types you
wish to include in your search criteria. Like the
region option, you can leave all the boxes checked
to search all court types, or you can uncheck the
boxes that correspond with the court types you
don't want to include in your search. In the
to the right, only records provided by municipal
courts will be included in the search.

Step 3 - Enter Search Criteria:
The final step in searching the HA Courts databse is
to enter your search criteria. The system allows you
to search for either a company or an individual. When
searching for a company, simply enter the company's
name in the "Company" field and click the "Search"
button. When searching for an individual, you can use
the individual's name and birth date if you wish. The
last name is required (at least three characters) as
well as the individual's first name (or first initial).
In the example to the right, the user is searching for
the individual Robert A Smith with a birthdate of April
3rd, 1972. If, at any time, you want to set all the fields
back to their default settings, including regions and
court types, simply click the "reset" button. For helpful
search tips, see the search FAQ.

The Results:
After a successful search is conducted, you will be
presented with a screen that looks similar to this one.
The results are organized alphabetically by the court in
which the record exists. The dark bar shows, from
left to right, the court's name, a link to that court's
registered information (phone number, contact, region,
etc.), a link to their web site (if applicable), and the date
which that court last contributed data to the HA Court
system. Below that, exists basic case information on each
record that matched the search criteria. When the case
number listed is a "clickable-link" (underlined and green)
that particular court has an on-line record search on thier
web site. Clicking this link will open a new window and
provide you with the detialed case information from the
court's web site.

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General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...

Q. I represent a Court that is an HA Courts "Contributing Member". With our FREE account, Is there any limit to the number of searches I can
conduct under my Court's login?
A. No! There are no limitation to the number of searches ANY of our members can conduct nor with the number of matches that can be

Q. I have a membership to HA Courts, but I'd like another Court who is not currently a member in a neighboring county to also enroll. Can
any Court receive a membership and how do I/they begin the enrollment process?
A. Yes! Any Court in Ohio is welcome to sign up with HA Courts. If the Court agrees to be a "Contributing Member", that is, they provide
their case data as well as regular updates of said data, their membership is FREE of charge. If the agency wishes to become a
"Browsing Member", there is a monthly fee involved. If an agency is interested in an HA Courts membership, their representative can
contact the enrollment department at signup@hacourts.com to discuss the different levels of enrollment as well as any additional

Q. I want to become a "Contributing Member" but my Court uses a software vendor other than Henschen & Associates, Inc.. Can this be done?
A. Although it's impossible to say that every vendor will be able to provide us with the information we require, we are willing to work with
ANY vendor to establish a data tranfer routine that will provide HA Courts with the case information necessary to be included in the system.
If a transfer routine can be established, the Court in question will be assigned a "Contributing Member" membership FREE of charge.

Q. If my Court becomes a "Contributing Member", how do we get our periodic case information updates to you?
A. There are several option for providing HA Courts with your case information data. The preferred method involves setting the Court up with
an FTP login into the HA Courts server, thorugh which your computer system can automatically send us your updated case information with little
or no user intervention by Court personnel. If your Court has no internet access from the main server, we also accept data via email attachments
or diskettes mailed through the USPS. If your Court is interested in becoming a "Contributing Member", an HA Courts technician will research your
computer system, determine the best data transfer method, and provide the you with instructions on how to perform said transfer.

Q. How often is updated data received by HA Courts?
A. HA Courts is constantly receiving data updates from our "Contributing Members". It is preferred that each Court provide us with their updated
case information at least once a week. Several member provide us with nightly updates via FTP.

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Statistical Data Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...

Q. How often is the stastical data updated?
A. The statistical data regarding number of searches, matches found, and duration of search is updated as each search is conducted. The case
count and breakdown is compiled nightly as new data is received from the contributing courts.

Q. Will a search that does not yeild matches still influence the search count, duration, etc.?
A. Yes, all searches whether they yeild matches or not will affect the search count, search duration, match count, and matches per search values.

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Message Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...

Q. I have information regarding an event/news item/computer virus that may be useful to court personnel. How can I have this added to the
message center?
A. If you have useful information that could benefit the HA Courts community, it can be emailed to news@hacourts.com for review. Be sure to
include a source to the information so it can be reviewed and deemed authentic.

Q. How does the message center know when there's a message I haven't seen?
A. When you access the message center, the current date is recorded and any news items that are added after that date are marked as
for your Court's login.

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